Pastor Roland's Recommended Reading List

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Here is my recommended reading list

The Devout Life     St. Francis de Sales

Experiencing God Through Prayer      Madame Jeanne Guyon

Daily Strength for Daily Needs     Mary Tileston

Spiritual Letters      Francois Fenelon

The Pursuit of God      A. W. Tozer

The Spiritual Guide    Miguel Molinos

How to Conquer Negative Emotions   Roy Masters

Heaven and its Mysteries and Hell     Emanuel Swedenborg

Confessions                   St. Augustine

Hostage to the Devil        Malachi Martin

Hymns                   Isaac Watts

The Khaboris Manuscript       Selections from the Bible in Aramaic

The Imitation of Christ        Thomas a Kempis

The Stress of Life               Dr. Hans Selye

A W Tozer: Twentieth Century Prophet     David J. Fant

A Guide to True Peace Revisted

Divine Love and Wisdom       Emanuel Swedenborg

Peace Pilgrim        Her story in her own words

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